Payment waiting for approval ? Help me !

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Dear payoneer,



Payoneer is a great service.I am very happy and do not have any problems before.

But unfortunately, today is the end of the month, but I have not received payment . Payment is pending approval, while the previous payment no delay.



I need money to pay the bill later this month. Please help!!!



Payment ID: 6379073 , 6379072 .




Thanks for reading and I would expect the problem may soon be solved.


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    Please note that your payments are pending a manual review. You will receive a reply as to their status within the next 1-2 business days.

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    more than 3 days, but still no response.
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    Nissim wrote on March 31 2013, 11:23 PM: »



    Please note that your payments are pending a manual review. You will receive a reply as to their status within the next 1-2 business days.


    Updated information : I need help, and avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.


    Two are still awaiting payment accepted. I understand that this delay is due to my error. I need two payments to be completed today.


    But I want to make sure my that payoneer employees understand the problem correctly.

    On 25/3 I request change service USPS account number, But employers have sent me 2 payments to my current USPS account.

    So I need to get two payments first, and then can change the new USPS service account number. 


    I am very pleased with the support services directly from payoneer.But I do not want misunderstandings can delay payment. 


    Sorry for my english too bad. Hope you understand what I said. thank you very much



    I have contacted support live chat, below is segment of my talk with Joel:



    Duong: It has been pending for more than three days, but did not change the status.

    Duong: I need more information 2 pending payments approval

    Duong: payment id: 6379073 and 6379072.

    Joel: I am looking into this for you. One moment please.

    Duong: yes

    Duong: thank you

    Joel: I'm going to send you an email regarding this issue. We have sent you this email previously on 03/25/2013. Please reply back, and it will be under review by the relevant department. We thank you for your patience.

    Duong: ??

    Duong: Payments from 29/3/2013

    Joel: Yes sir, but you requested to change your US Payment Service details.

    Joel: But, did not provide a reason.

    Duong: I received an email from payoneer about the changes the new account number.

    Duong: yes ,i requested to change your US Payment Service details.

    Joel: I know

    Joel: That is the reason I'm re sending you that email, because you have not provided the reason for that

    Joel: Please check your inbox and reply

    Duong: But according to schedule, 29/3 I will receive payments from Intuit

    Duong: I can not change the account number USPS service at this time

    Joel: They were indeed transferred on 03/29, however you requested for new USPS details.

    Joel: Why did you ask for new USPS details then?

    Duong: I need to wait two payments from Intuit is complete, users can change the account number

    Joel: Are you saying, you would like to receive the payments from Untuit, and only then ask for new USPS details?

    Duong: The employer had sent the payment on the current account, so I can not change my account until two payments from Intuit received

    Duong: Yes

    Joel: Okay I understand, then they should be loaded by today.

    Joel: Once the payments go through and you would like to change your USPS details, please make sure you reply to the email I sent you with the reason.

    Joel: Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Duong: Yes I understand

    Duong: two payments from Intuit will be completed today.?

    Joel: They should be loaded by today according to your system

    Duong: Thank you

    Joel: You're welcome

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    I need help, please take a look at what I said.
    I need the complete payment today
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    Still waiting and begging for help . I need money to pay the bills this month.

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    I'm really confused as to get many different answers. This is the first problem that I encountered when use payoneer service. I hope that it is resolved well. thanks all


    Team Payoneer can see to the ticket is LTK481071838993X . David and Nissim can help me.


    Here is my talk with great support staff :





    Grigory: Hello and welcome to Payoneer Customer Support, how may I help you?

    Duong: I need help on two payments received.

    Grigory: I appreciate your patience while I review your information.

    Duong: yes

    Grigory: thanks

    Duong: payment id : 6379073 , 6379072

    Grigory: I am looking into this for you. One moment please.

    Duong: I'm really confused getting two different answers on this issue.I contact the support staff named Joel.


    Grigory: From which company you received those payments?

    Duong: Joel told me the payment will be completed on 01.04.2013, but really hard to understand.

    Duong: payroll

    Duong: Payments are sent from Payroll.

    Grigory: We informed you that you can receive payments through US Payment Service from Whute List companies only


    Grigory: Or did you mean

    Grigory: One moment

    Duong: I get sent payment by employers Hickory Lane Partners, LLC through Intuit payroll services.

    Grigory: One moment

    Grigory: Can you send us a proof that this payment was sent from, because in our system it shows something else


    Duong: I'm sure list support.and seems to only show payment information employers "Hickory Lane Partners, LLC", while it is sent through the Intuit payroll services (

    Duong: yes

    Grigory: Can you send us a screenshot from

    Duong: yes, i can


    Grigory: ok


    Grigory: Can you send it now or you will do it later?


    Duong: Employers to send me the bill be printed from Intuit.


    Duong: Please let me know to send your way?


    Grigory: Ok. I will send you an email with request now. When you will be able to reply to it?


    Duong: I want to send it to you right now.


    Grigory: One moment please


    Duong: yes, thank you


    Grigory: Ok


    Grigory: I've sent you an email please reply to it


    Grigory: And I will transfer it to the relevant department


    Grigory: And you will receive further updates by email


    Duong: I have sent for you, please check.


    Grigory: Checking...


    Duong: Please let me know when this issue is resolved.


    Grigory: Ok. We will send you an email when it is resolved.


    Grigory: Is there anything else I can help you with?


    Duong: thank you for help


    Duong: Bye:)

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    Terry from our payments department sent you an email today with further details regarding your payment. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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