What is the different between withdrawing funds to Payoneer account and card?

HattemHattem Posts: 6Member
I have some funds on Fiverr.com and i withdraw it to Payoneer account (the withdrawing still pending)
I was wondering what is the different between withdrawing to my Payoneer account and Payoneer card, because my only aim is to withdraw funds with ATM from my Payoneer prepaid mastercard. So can i withdraw funds with ATM from my Payoneer card when my funds are in my Payoneer account? or should i transfer my funds to my Payoneer card? but how can i do it?
I hope someone help me, it's really important to me to know these informations.
Thanks for everyone!


  • HattemHattem Posts: 6Member
    Please assist me with this.
    Let's say i have $37 on my Payoneer account, how i can transfer my $37 from my Payoneer account to my Payoneer prepaid mastercard card?
    Thank you.
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    Hi @Hattem,

    In your case, there is not a difference. You can withdraw to your Mastercard or your account, and the funds will go to the card for withdrawal.


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