Can I receive money and withdraw to my local bank account if my ID and bank details are not approved

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I submitted Weeks ago but it still says Submitted and I have to receive money next week


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    Hi there,

    To answer your question posed in the topic of the thread, if your bank details are not approved you cannot withdraw to that bank account. It should only take 3 days to approve those details. If you've experienced a longer delay, you can contact customer support or send me a private message so that I can check the status.


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    Hi, I just have a question and I want to fix everything as soon as possible, My Salary will be there in a few days. I don't want delays because I work hard for it and I have family to feed. So, my Bank Account was approved Already 2weeks ago and it say that approved payments from our payroll, then I just notice a pop up message saying that verification Required, asking for my ID and Business profile. Again, our National ID will be available next year 2020 and I don't have passport. I tried to add the valid Government ID I have and I used that for my Bank account too. It was confusing, it was already approved and then asking for verification and I don't have business too, not necessary to fill it out. What should I do? Please reply ASAP.
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    @jaimelyncabasag22 Please note that account verification is initiated only once you begin receiving payments, not before. For now, your account is active and enabled to receive payments. If anything else will be needed along the way, you will be notified directly from our approval team