When Payoneer requires documents from the payer

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My client is a start up USA company (with around 100 employees). I myself own a IT consulting company (so, the payment would be from a company to another using ACH transfer).

What are the chances Payoneer may require additional document from the payer (and not from me)?
In other words, is there a criteria used to determine when Payoneer does that or not? And what kind of documents are typically asked?

I asked Payoneer support but they refused to answer (they said they only will let me know when a payment comes in). Unfortunately my client is not exactly very collaborative and if any document from them is required, unless it's absolutely trivial and straightforward, i wont be able to get them.

Really appreciate any info about that.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hello @enyamada

    It is true, we do not have any way to determine which payment is going to be verified and which will not. For the verification of some payments, you may be requested to provide some information for approval but not for others.

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    It's too bad... unfortunately this sounds like a lottery to me.

    If i can't understand the criteria Payoneer uses in advance, only after a payment comes in i'll be able to know if i can get my money or not. That's why i've been insistently trying to get more info, so i can map the risks.

    Although the Payoneer service and fee look reasonable, it's really hard to move on and take my chances. I prefer to pay a higher fee and be certain i wont have any headache to choosing Payoneer and may be in trouble (or not).
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    Hello there,

    We understand your reasoning.

    In reality, at Payoneer, every payment is subject to review, so we don't have a way to know when payments will be reviewed because they can be reviewed at any time. We ask for information when you start receiving payments and while after that your payments would be loaded with more speed than before, we can't guarantee it is the last time a payment can be reviewed. We are a well-regulated financial institution, so we comply with a number of different banking regulation and international law, so we conduct reviews for the safety of our users and so that we can assure our company remains compliant.

    We understand this type of system may not be for everyone, but we do it for the safety of our users, and for compliance reasons.

    Thank you!