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How can I receive the money in payoneer?


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    Hello good afternoon, as I can make a request for payment through Global Payment Service if you tell me that I have to have earned $ 5,000.00 through your affiliates or commercial payments. I would like to make a request for payment to my boss. What other option could I have to enable my payment request service?
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    Hi there. At the moment, the only thing that can be done to activate the service to send payment requests & accept card payments from individuals is to have a total of 5k of lifetime payments between the Global Payment Service and mass payout companies (like Fiverrr, Upwork).

    You wouldn't be able to send a payment request to your boss, but your boss can pay you with the Global Payment Service via bank transfer if you provide them the banking details to make an ACH transfer.

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    My boss can't pay me with Global Payment Service because she is from Canada and her account is Canadian and I don't have details of a Canadian bank, what can I do?
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    Hi @aragrevc, as you are not able to send a payment request yet (which also enables credit card payments), it seems that with your current account layout it would not be possible to receive payments from this client.

    I'm very sorry about this.

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    Could I have another account with that design?
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    Hi @aragrevc,

    A new account would not quite end this predicament because you currently do not have a CAD currency balance in your account.

    You can apply for the CAD currency, which will allow you to receive funds in the CAD currency from companies (not individuals) in Canada, though. Just follow these steps:

    1. Click to the "Receive" tab at the top of the screen and find Global Payment Service
    2. Select "Global Payment Service"
    3. Find the relevant currency you wish to add
    4. Click "Request now" and follow the steps

    Once you complete the form, we will receive your request. Please note that each request is manually reviewed and is subject to eligibility. The timeframe for review is 7 business days.

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    i want to use payoneer and kindy also inform us that its working in pakistan.
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    Dear Payoneer is available in Pakistan as well, you can apply for a Payoneer account by going through our website at

    If you are working with a company that offers Payoneer as a payment method you can submit your application through your online account with them to have your commissions loaded to your Payoneer account or have the funds wired to your bank directly. 

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