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I am taking actions against Payoneer

shyre2kin Member Posts: 5
The transaction at the ATM failed the 26th of April and the 27th the transaction was marked "Completed"! Right away, I went to the bank where the atm is and they told no one has ever been charged when the transaction fails, the mistake is at Payoneer. I contacted their SUPER customer agent which didn't know what to answer beside her scripts. She marked at the end the problem was sold! Today, another agent tried to trick me many times to exit the chat before cutting the connection. He also marked the problem solved! Where is my money? I want it back! Since nobody seems willing to help... This company will know that messing up with a KeyOpinionLeader who has more than 100K subscribers on social media is not a good thing! I will display all the chats to show the world how incompetent your CS online chat is. Then, I will launch a crowdfunding to help payonner users to migrate towards skrill because you suck! Finally, I will be poping champaign on your annual loss! Btw, I am also a skrill and had the same issue! It took them 3 days to give my money back! Be ready Payonner 98.42 usd will cost you millions!


  • KazPayoneer
    KazPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 1,559 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello there,

    It appears that you have had an issue where the ATM was unable to dispense funds, and instead of the funds returning to your card the transaction was charged officially. If the ATM told you that this was somehow the fault of Payoneer, they have been badly mistaken.

    What happens every time you use the card, and especially an an ATM, is that the funds are placed on a temporary hold by the merchant. The hold exists to allow the merchant to finalize the transaction on their end. The hold lasts, usually, 30 minutes. If it lasts longer than that, it is an indication to us that the transaction was not successful. It is during this hold that the merchant detects if the transaction was actually successful or not. Since you didn't receive cash, the merchant should have voided the transaction which allows your funds to return to your account after the hold expired. Clearly this didn't happen and you were not refunded. The merchant (the ATM) incorrectly recognized that funds were dispensed. The hold and the subsequent charge have absolutely nothing to do with Payoneer, and are not, in any way, caused by Payoneer. Payoneer is not the ones who are in charge of the ATM, nor can Payoneer forcefully cause a pending transaction to be charged. We are not a bank.

    In cases such as this, we file a dispute on your behalf to get these funds returned. In the sole chat that you had with a representative about this, the agent filed the dispute for you. What happens next is a full-fledged investigation into the case by our chargebacks department so that we can get your funds back. This is our procedure. We can't comment on the procedure of Skrill as they clearly have a different procedure and we are not related to them.

    At this point you would have to wait for the dispute to finish in order to get the funds back, but we have, in fact, followed the standard procedure in cases such as this as it is the best way that we can assist you to receive your money back. We are on your side in this and we do not benefit from you being without funds.