HELP!!! I don't have some of the required docs

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Hi everyone. Please help!
I just received payment from the company I'm working with. I can't access the payment because I'm yet to update some information: Government issued I.D and passport showing my name and location. Unfortunately I don't have any of these 'Government I.Ds'. The one I used to register is my mum's and I don't think I can snap that and send because her name is on it. Any help? I really need to withdraw this fund ASAP


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    > @KazPayoneer said:
    > Hi there,
    > Unfortunately to approve your account we would need a government issued ID that verifies and confirms your identity. If you are unable to provide that, we would not be able to approve the account.


    Hey there! Thanks for your timely response. Now that I don't have the docs, I'd like to refund the company, so they can pay me through a different platform. Can you do that for me? Or how do I achieve it?
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