Why Isn't My Account Approved? An FAQ.



  • Gbtechsolution01Gbtechsolution01 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    I submit the document required for account and is still under review.

    I don't know why this is taking too long to verify the account so that I can able to use this account to withdraw.
    @payoneer please look into this account, I am want to withdraw fund to the account. Please very important.

    Please kindly check the
    Account ID : 401449955
    Account name: oluwatobi oyedele

  • suchithrasuchithra Member Posts: 0
    Account verification still under review for more than 2 months
    plz check it.I have yet recived payment.
  • Arslan_TayabArslan_Tayab Member Posts: 2
    Same problem here :(
    Almost 13 days have passed still my bank documents and global payment service questionnaire are under review.
    Account Name: Arslan Tayab
    Customer ID: 38852483
    Please HELP
  • Gbtechsolution01Gbtechsolution01 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    I don't no why this will be taking alot of time, @payoneer do something about this. Thinking call there customer service very soon

  • NegosavaNegosava Member Posts: 4
    same here, still no approval and no reply from support team. I have pending payments since September 13. I've been using this service for years without problems until now. What a mess.
    customer id 5230337
  • Zalan2020Zalan2020 Member Posts: 3
    Hi I am zalan Fazal. I have send payment to Payoneer acoount 1 month ago but still my payment is not Approved. Plz help me.
    My customer ID is 39672043.
    Many Thanks
    Regards: Zalan Fazal
  • corscors Member Posts: 1
    Please verify my account. It has been under review since September 10 and I have an incoming payment which I badly needed but unable to receive due to an unverified account.
  • jungleelephantjungleelephant Member Posts: 5
    hi @Will_Payoneer , I just got a first payonner payment and but the problem is my account hasn't been approved yet since 1 year approximately. In my verification center I see National Id and Business Details Questionnaire is still under review. Is this possible? Please help.
  • mentesnotmentesnot Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    I submitted the requirements on verification center 3 weeks ago but still didn't receive an email, I also checked my spam and trash on email still nothing. Can someone tell me if it was already verified, here's my Customer ID 39737359 . I'm goin to receive a payment this week, I need to know if it was already verified. Thanks

  • mrafaelmrafael Member Posts: 1
    HI i singup now account like 6 days ago but still showing under review can any body check status and acelerate this for me?

    my Customer ID 40128888
  • mentesnotmentesnot Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    I need the Global Payment Service to be added to my account. I've already sent my National ID, but it has been under review for 28 or so days now. I've tried contacting Payoneer, requesting for the Global Payment Service, but I have only received automated messages in response, which don't help. If I need to re-submit the ID pictures, kindly advice how I can do that while the others are still pending. Kindly assist me. CUSTOMER ID:39737359

  • yude_londayude_londa Member Posts: 2
    Hello! I registered 8-9 days ago and my account is still under review. I didn't receive an email asking for further information. I also checked the verification center, no open requirements. How much longer should I wait? What should I do to get approved?
  • yude_londayude_londa Member Posts: 2
    I called and it appears my account has been approved! I just didn't receive any email regarding that and don't see the Global Payment Service opinion. My problem isn't about account approval. It's something else. Sorry for the comment. Please feel free to ignore it.
  • mentesnotmentesnot Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    Account verification still under review for more than 1 months
    please check it.I have yet recived payment.Customer ID 39737359
    [email protected] it sa so how can i submit my national id

  • jaymeeromajaymeeroma Member Posts: 4
    My verification center still in under review for almost 3 months and my withdrawal can't process for almost 2 months because of that VERIFICATION CENTER!, PAYONEER ADMINS! CALLING ALL OF YOUR ATTENTIONS, HELP ME
  • mdhasanalipramanikmdhasanalipramanik Member Posts: 5
    My Account required document is still under review. my NID card and BANK account was Approved but require document still under review till 23 september. i called payoneer but they say your account does not support call at this moment, please visit our support center more way to contact us. please fix this.

    My Customer id; 40086598
  • rawanshehabrawanshehab Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem account is not approved since April, it shows that there is action required but when I click I find No open requirements. I can't delete the account and. I need to receive payments urgently
    ID 37314874
  • marufpbtmarufpbt Member Posts: 0
    I have submitted the bank statement for verification, it has not been approved yet. How long can it take to be approved? Please let me know.
  • ssdsolutionssdsolution Member Posts: 1
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  • FrelancermehediFrelancermehedi Member Posts: 1
    I'm also in the same situation. Please help us community members.
  • OJJIPlusOJJIPlus Member Posts: 0
    Hi Community,

    I recently tried to open an account and provided all the necessary details.

    I reached the review phase and they sent me an email saying I have another account and the policy only allows one account.

    Ok, I understand that, and true I had an old account that I created back in 2015 I guess. Now I want to start a new business and start afresh.

    I try to take the survey they sent me to solve the problem but no survey appears. I try to log in to the old account but I get the account restricted message. and my new account is blocked.

    I try to contact the support but all I get is an automated e-mail

    I don't know what I should do now? It's been 3 days since I tried to open an account. it should be normally done more smooth

    Please take a look at this because I need help

    Thank you
  • MuzamilMunirMuzamilMunir Member Posts: 5
    My verification center still in under review for almost 1 month2 and my withdrawal can't process because of that VERIFICATION CENTER!, PAYONEER ADMINS! CALLING ALL OF YOUR ATTENTIONS, HELP ME.
  • MuzamilMunirMuzamilMunir Member Posts: 5
    My verification center still in under review for almost 1 month2 and my withdrawal can't process because of that VERIFICATION CENTER!, PAYONEER ADMINS! CALLING ALL OF YOUR ATTENTIONS, HELP ME.
  • Erdenebayar1Erdenebayar1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello Payoneer support. I have an issue with ordering my mastercard. My ID card has an address I am not living for now. I have already applied my new address to my Payoneer account. How can I prove my address is changed to this address? Please help me to order my card. Is there any way to contact any people to get help ? Have my driver license but my home address is changed to. Government issue ID address is changed to. How can I do this to help me? I don't know what else should I prove.
  • SifatSifat Member Posts: 2
    I submitted my documents to verify my Business details and Address on 26 September 2020. Still, now they are under review...what should I do now?? My Customer ID 40135199.
  • rubeldilwalerubeldilwale Member Posts: 0
    Dear Sir,
    I have submitted My National ID card 9 Mar 2019, But not approved yet. if any fault, please inform me or Kindly approved. I need this account Immediately .
    My email: [email protected]
    My Phone number: 01723770945

    Customer ID: 28923329
  • jaymeeromajaymeeroma Member Posts: 4
  • SherazAliSherazAli Member Posts: 9
    Customer ID: 40026548
    Please check and verify now. I am waiting for weeks.
    Thanks! Sheraz
  • SherazAliSherazAli Member Posts: 9
    Customer ID: 40026548
    Please check and verify now. I am waiting for weeks.
    Thanks! Sheraz
  • adaliadali Member Posts: 0
    it's about one month I provided all the required details to Payoneer for account approval but my account is still pending for approval .what should I do?
  • isheezeisheeze Member Posts: 0
    I have submitted my documents on verification center. Its been 13 days they are still under review and so my transaction is pending. Can anybody tell me what am I missing. My Customer ID is 38229652
  • isheezeisheeze Member Posts: 0
    edited October 5
    I have submitted my documents on verification center. It has been 13 days they are still under review and so my transaction is pending. Can anybody tell me what am I missing. My Customer ID is 38229652
  • Shariar206Shariar206 Member Posts: 1
    Dear Sir,
    I have submitted My National ID card 23 May 2019, But not approved yet. if any fault, please inform me or Kindly approved. I need this account Immediately.

    Customer ID: 37976091
  • Shariar206Shariar206 Member Posts: 1
    Dear Sir,
    I have submitted My National ID card 23 MAY 2020, But not approved yet. if any fault, please inform me or Kindly approved. I need this account Immediately.
    My email: [email protected]
    My Phone number: 88 01936649979

    Customer ID: 37976091
  • jamesbanglaisjamesbanglais Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    god this is tiresome
    1. payoneer asked for the usual verification documents when I opened the account earlier this year
    2. all the documents were accepted and I have been using to withdraw wages from Upwork for months
    3. Now you email to say they are either still under review or not accepted.
    4. You're even saying that my passport hasn't been accepted. I'm a UK-born British citizen.

    Do you understand that freelancers are busy and this is just a needless stress and waste of time.

    Please do something by the end of the week or I go back to PayPal to ensure that I can withdraw my wages with ease; and no constant requests for ID.

    Says a lot about your client base if you are so paranoid about ID fraud.
  • syednomishahsyednomishah Member Posts: 3
    Hey there!

    My name is Syed Muhammad Noman, I’m having trouble verifying my account. I signed up and provided my bank account details and its been 3 months and still my account is under review, then my friend told me to provide ID in verification center, but the problem is I don’t see any requirements in verification center. please help me!!!

    my client Id: 37450298
  • SanatombiSanatombi Member Posts: 1
    (Applications for a Payoneer account are usually reviewed within 3 business days.

    Furthermore, we can sometimes ask for additional information or documents before we can approve an account. Please check your email to see if you received a request for further information regarding your account application. If you have, please follow the instructions in that email to proceed with the application process.)

    Its Already 6 working days.
    Please speed up the process.
    I need my account asap so that i can do my global payment.

    Customer ID: 40141293
  • Munib_Fuyad_MuradMunib_Fuyad_Murad Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
    Today I did 3rd transaction for withdrawal VIA bank account.It is pending for reviewing.I am okay with this.But problem is,I did couple verification named as Global Payment service and Smart national identity Card.Under review from 17 December 2019.
    Will you take an era to review these information?
    Please help me,ASAP,Let me know my mistakes.I am noon in this system.
    Thank You.
  • adnankhattakadnankhattak Member Posts: 1
    edited October 5
    Its been more than 20 business days that my documents are under review, how to get it done?
  • murtaza_gr88murtaza_gr88 Member Posts: 2
    thts crap
  • mentesnotmentesnot Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    My account don't have the global payment service options under receive please please help Customer ID is 39737359.

  • yasirarfat784yasirarfat784 Member Posts: 10
    same issue, Payoneer sometimes reply that you must have incoming payment then they will verify,
    but I have incoming amount but still my National ID and global payment and URL verification are still not verified. they are in under review.
    I hope they get fix problems soon.
  • wolf_234wolf_234 Member Posts: 2
    I have submitted the document to verify my address 8 days ago and it is still Under Review. Since the Payoneer has stated that address has to be verified by October 15th or closing account will take place, I need to get the information - is it approved or not? Since the deadline expires in 9 days and I have payments that I need to withdraw I wont risk withdrawal to Payoneer without updating the status about address confirmation in order to avoid any unpleasant situations, like getting my funds trapped and so on, in case the address is not verified and closing account is taking place. I just need an information - will the status be updated before October 15th, because I have to plan how and where to withdraw my funds?
  • jamesbanglaisjamesbanglais Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I joined Payoneer earlier this year as PayPal was taking too long to do things amidst Covid. I submitted all of the ID documents to open the Payoneer account, which were accepted after about two weeks. Then in another request, some documents were requested due to Brexit. I submitted these, and received an email saying they had been accepted. I had no notifications in Payoneer requesting more documents.

    Now, quite randomly I received an email months later asking for more documents. I have checked in the Payoneer portal, and it says that my passport was rejected, as was my proof of address.

    Can someone explain what is going on with this? I see there are a lot of posts regarding ID verification.

    I'm sorry but if you can't provide some reassurance that this will be finalised for good soon, I will have to go elsewhere for withdrawal of freelancer income. This is not fair on people working hard; we shouldn't have to wait weeks for responses, only to be told what we provided wasn't good enough (twice).

    Without customer care (you provide none), our only option is the forum. If I don't have a response from a Payoneer representative on here by Friday, I will not be withdrawing into or withdrawing from Payoneer any more. I hope you understand.

    You have customers. So do I. provide some level of customer care. Otherwise you are just a faceless web page taking and giving money. Not very reassuring.

  • Laki221Laki221 Member Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem, waiting for 1 month verification on the latest document, but i also see now that documets submitted on 6 Feb 2020 are still with status "Under review".
    What is going on?
  • yasirarfat784yasirarfat784 Member Posts: 10
    same problem, they say you must have upcoming tractions, I also have up coming transaction but yet "under review"
  • itsdovlaitsdovla Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    I registered on Payoneer on Sep 28 and submitted all necessary documents and information the same day. My account is still not verified, and my prepaid card is still in the "pending review" stage, even though it said it takes UP TO 3 days. I need my account up and running as soon as possible as one my clients urges me to get it ready so that he can make a payment though Payoneer. I already tried reaching out to customer support center but no one answered my mails.

    What can I do?

  • syednomishahsyednomishah Member Posts: 3
    i have exact same problem, they didn't even ask me to provide Id documents and its been 3 months. i sent them a lot of emails messages but always get an automated response saying wait for 3 business days, they have a very poor system for handling customer queries.
  • syednomishahsyednomishah Member Posts: 3
    edited October 6
    hey there!
    i signed up like 3 months ago, added bank details and they said wait for approval. I logged in everyday to check for the id verification but I don't see any requirement in verification center, and also I don't get any mails regarding id documents. I tried to contact but always get automated response saying 'wait for 3 business days'. Please help me!!
    customerId: 37450298
  • mafujshikdermafujshikder Member Posts: 1
    In two days ago ,i submitted a bank statement for my payoneer card address verfication but still now my bank statement under review .I want to know when this bank statement will be approved .Please do this asap .
    customer ID 25617905

    My payoneer account email: [email protected]
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