I have a lost withdrawal,it has been two months, what can i do?

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I have made a withdrawal of about 4700$ on 19 March to my local bank in Cairo,
I have made withdrawals to this same account from Payoneer many times before
This time I found nothing deposited in my account,
since then I have been between the bank and Payoneer customer service
my bank said he can't track the payment and can only deposit it when the transfer is there
and every time I call Payoneer they say we're doing everything we can and that they have transferred this to their banking department,
I have got no update or identification of the issue for two months and they're not giving me any estimation of how long it might take, I am without money and I can't make another withdrawal because I am not sure if this one will be without the same issue
can anyone help me here or give advise or ask someone?
my problem has a case number 190402-009914
this is so frustrating and with no update for to months it can go forever, shouldn't they refund me till they resolve their issues or something? they're not even updating my of what they have been doing the last 2 months if any
please help me if you can


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there,

    I believe your case has been resolved. If you still need an update please let me know in a private message.

  • AliSayedP
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    Can you please tell me how it went? I suffer from the same problem, and it has been over 3 months, which is unbearably frustrating.

    I need to know what happened. Did they really solve your problem as they said in the comments?