Paypal refund from virtual bank account

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I'm not sure if anyone has come up with a similar question/situation before.

Recently I had to issue a refund for one of the Paypal transaction. But I did not notice that funds were not enough for that refund so Paypal set the source for refund as Bank (Payoneer Virtual Bank account).

I got a message that it'll take 3-5 days to process the refund transaction. I'm concerned whether that refund will be successful or not since its a Virtual Bank account (although I've got the balance available in Payoneer).

I do not want to keep him waiting only to fail after 3-5 days.

I hope somebody will have an answer for this.

Thank You!


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hey there, sorry for the late response.

    The answer here is no, the refund would not be successful. The reason is because the accounts we provide are virtual bank accounts, so therefore you can only use them for receiving payments and not sending them. Any attempts to debit/charge these accounts would not be successful and, I believe, may get the account blocked on PayPal's end.

  • jonty5
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    Yes, thats what happened. Payoneer VBA got removed from my linked bank account (Paypal).
    Not only that, my account got limited and some funds are kept on hold.