Name of the city misspelled by Payoneer system. One month spent with support

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Dear all,
it has been almost a month of calling Payoneer support, writing emails and submitting support tickets to alter a single character in the city name, Losino-Petrovsky.
Needless to say, Amazon blocks all new accounts with different addresses across two seemingly separate systems.
All attempts have been futile so far, I am fed that they can’t put a dash (“-“) in between the two words of the city name, although the city does contain dash officially.
How much longer?!
Instead of admitting the mistake they’ve now blocked my cell phone from calling the support number AND I need a different IP to access this forum. Is this how customers are treated by Payoneer?


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    Hi there @ssama2,

    Sorry about the experience you've had with our support thus far.

    We've gone into your account and added the hyphen to the city name. The issue beforehand was that special characters, such as a hyphen, were not supported by our system so we were not able to add the hyphen. We have fixed it now for you and you should be able to issue your new statement that will have the hyphen between the names.

    We also cannot see that your phone number had been blocked so you may have to call another time.

    Thank you!

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    Dear KazPayoneer, thank you for your support.
    I managed to edit my business address on Amazon directly.
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