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why "Do you accept online payments on your website?" field cannot be filled when I verified information? I really don't understand. please help.


  • fahadsaleemcontent
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    Same problem.

    I got an email that my account is on hold as they need additional information.

    That was strange, but I am happy to give any data to solve my issue.

    While filling out a form on which they need additional details on my "Line of Business" I see a text field saying "Do you accept online payments on your website"

    The problem is that there is no text field for this question. I cannot add anything in there. It is greyed out. Yet it does not allow me move forward.

    No help from the Support team whatsoever
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi there @fahadsaleemcontent

    It would be best to contact our support team directly with a full screen shot so that they can check if this is a technical issue or not.