My Money Didn't Come Out from ATM but My Balance is Deducted

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Hi, a couple hours ago I tried to withdraw my money using my Payoneer prepaid card at Bank Central Asia's ATM in Indonesia amounting to IDR 2,500,000 but the money did not come out and the screen said that my transaction cannot be processed. But when I check my Payoneer balance, it was deducted $183.15 while I didn't receive the money. Can you help resolve this issue and refund my money?

FYI, I have sufficient balance in my card of almost $2,000. The card is fine and I have used it several times before and its expiry date is still one year away. And when a couple minutes later I try to withdraw my money at another ATM at BNI's in Indonesia, the transaction was successful and I receive my money. So the problem must be at the previous ATM. Please help resolve the issue and refund my money. Thanks in advance.

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  • edza
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    Thank you very much for answering my question. I have received my money back.
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    Great to hear.