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H_Ange Member Posts: 2
Is there anyone who can help me link my Gotranscript and payoneer account ?

I've already provided my payoneer's mail to Gotranscript.

These are The step to follow :
1.Go to page Receive -> Request a Payment
2.Request payment from GoTranscript company

Then it says " To enable Request a Payment, you must first receive at least 5,000.00 USD (or equivalent) via:

The Global Payment Service, which enables you to receive local payments from companies worldwide
Learn more >

Any of the marketplace, network, or business platforms integrated with Payoneer
Learn more >

Isn't Gotranscript a business platform integrated with Payoneer ?

Looking for your reply.


(Ps : I'got 83 $ earning pending which is more than the 50$ required)


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there,

    This company is not a platform integrated with us so that is why they are advising that you send them a payment request. The issue that you're having is that you are not eligible to send requests out at this time due to the lack of payments (5k).

    I would suggest asking this company if they are able to pay you via the Global Payment Service, instead.

  • H_Ange
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    Thanks for our reply. Actually, they confirmed that I have to inbox them everytime to request payment for payoneer.
  • diwawise101
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    Which email did you use to inbox the gotranscript group for payoneer payment