IBAN is incomplete in withdraw statement to bank - can this cause issues ? Payoneer BUG.

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So i've been using Payoneer since 2016 and i've withdrawn my funds to my bank account (BRD) without problems.

This month i've opened a new account at ING bank and i added it successfully to Payoneer and I withdrawn some money to it but when I checked the statement, under 'Beneficiary account number' it should display my full IBAN number (all 24 characters) something like this RO08INGBXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,
but instead it only shows 16 numbers, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX so it's missing the first 8 characters - RO08INGB.

I checked almost all my withdraw statements to the old account (BRD bank) and on every single one of them has the full 24 characters IBAN (for that account) - RO76BRDEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Furthermore, my sister is also on Payoneer and also has an account at ING Bank added to her profile so i've asked her to withdraw some money and check her statement and indeed it's the full IBAN on her statement as well, so RO08INGBXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Why on earth is it only 16 characters on my statement ?

Could this affect the withdraw ? - It's been 30 hours since i've made the withdraw and the money still didn't arrived. Keep in mind that my sisters money ARRIVED and she did the withdraw AFTER.

Thank you.


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    PS :

    If i try to add only the 16 numbers from my statement as a Bank Account in Payoneer I get an error saying that the IBAN entered is not 24 characters - so it's impossible for me to put that in and to save it as a new account.

    I copy-pasted the IBAN from ING's home banking website when I added the bank account in Payoneer.

    That's why i'm pretty sure i did nothing wrong on my end.
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    Hi there,

    Can you please make sure that you've selected the correct country? In the times I've encountered our users having a similar problem it was because they chose another country (which in turn, has varying requirements for the length of the IBAN number). Please choose the country of the bank.