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Hi, I have attached my payoneer with fiverr and today I Mistakenly clicked on withdrawal options and they withdrew my amount to this account. My card is expired and transaction is in pending state, please tell me a way to reverse this transaction because I dont want the amount in this account and dont want to get issued a new card as well


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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, the only option here would be to issue a new card. Per our agreement with Fiverr, we cannot cancel or reverse any payments that have come from them. All transfers from Fiverr are final.

    I do apologize. Please contact our customer care to have them order you a new card.

  • nisanisa Member Posts: 5
    I dont want a new card, I dont want this payment in my card.
    The amount is mere 39$ and I am afraid as soon as I load it, payoneer will charge me its annual fee as well
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    You stated in your previous message that the card is expired already. If you order a new card, the annual fee wouldn't be charged for a year after the one card is activated. It has nothing to do with fees of the old card, which is expired.

    With the configuration of your account there is not a ton of options for this scenario, so please, have our customer support order a new card. Thanks!

  • nisanisa Member Posts: 5
    Okay, so if i load the new payment i wouldnt be charged any fees? not even that 29$ fee which is deducted as soon as account gets enough money
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    Yes, since you don't have an active card, you would not be charged the annual fee.

  • nisanisa Member Posts: 5
    and activation fee?
    This would be my first load to payoneer since i ever made my payoneer account
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    The activation fee is charged depending of the program of your account, is there any company that you are working with which is linked to your account?

  • nisanisa Member Posts: 5
    no there is nothing associated with my payoneer except fiverr.
    I made an account, got my card, associated it with fiverr but never got any loads on payoneer.
    my card expired
    i accidentally loaded money into payoneer from fiverr.
    Now i want to know all the fees applicable if i accept the payment
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     You can view the full list of the fees associated with your account by clicking the "Pricing & Fees" link, located under the "Help" menu, on your "Payoneer Account".

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