Proof of Dormitory

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Hello there , To verify my account payoneer wants the following.
Provide a proof of residence which specifies the address of the university dormitory.
Bank document or
University issued proof of dormitory or
receipt/statement of dormitory tuition/fees
I don't know what are these documents. Please guide me what are they so i can upload to verify my account.
Regards Tufail

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  • Tufail
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    Hi ,
    Thanks for your response. I am attending the University but I resides in my home. Can you accept the University fee receipt that I paid to them. Or a statement from the University that only states that I attend the university.

  • Tufail
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    I provide the one day bank statement. They email me the following "Unfortunately, the type of document you sent does not match our request, and we need you to send it again."

    What should be the problem? Please help me out .