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Hi, I am trying to set up the Global Payment Services US Account as a payment method on but I can't find the following fields:
-Bank City/State
-Address 1
-Address 2 (if applicable)

I went through some posts in the forums and they said I have to contact the support.

I tried the Live Chat option but it always gives me the following error message:
"There was a problem connecting to the Chat Server."

I tried to email the support as well but I keep getting automated replies that aren't relevant to my specific issue. Not sure what to do anymore. I would really appreciate if a support agent could help me out here.

Also, I read that payments from are received without any fees. Is that still valid? If there are any other caveats with, I would be grateful if you let me know. Thank you!


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    Hi there @zzzzxc

    When receiving payments via, many times they require the physical address to proceed in verifying the details you are entering. To receive this information, please contact our support team either via social media, email, or here in a private message so we can further advise.