Withdraw limit to Turkey is too high

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Hi everyone, I am a student in Istanbul, Turkey. I started freelancing and got paid but I can't withdraw it to my bank because the miminum limit is 300$, which is really high. Turkish Lira has lost too much value against dollar and it is too hard to reach 300$, which is something near 2000 Turkish Liras, a montly salary of a worker. What can I do, is it possible to reduce it to at least 200$?


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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the inconvenience around the withdrawal limits.

    Please note that the limit to withdraw to USD in countries outside of the US is $300. Due to operational costs we cannot reduce that limit.

    However, to withdraw to a bank account in your local currency, the limit would be $50. You may want to use a bank account in the local currency if you don't have $300.

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    Wow, didn't knew that. Thanks for help!
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    No problem!

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    Hello there , I live in Albania . I have the same problem here . The limit in my country is 300$ . I need to work 3 months to get that money on my account . Firstly I have connected my payoneer account with bank account . After i applied for mastercard payoneer ,which has been 1 week and still is in stanby . Please put a limit of 50 dollars ,which will be more easier for me to withdraw them . Thanks
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    Hi there @franzduro You should be able to add a bank account in local currency and this way the minimum threshold is $50. If you do not see this option, please send us a private message or contact our support team directly

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    Hello morga ,I have sent a message to you please check :)
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