Funding source payment to new bank account with multiple bank accounts

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I have added a new bank account to my Payoneer account and wish to have future payments from my funding sources to be paid to the new account instead of the old one.

Also, I'd like to keep the old bank account details on my list of bank accounts, incase I ever need it for something in the future.

How do I make sure that the transfer is made to the correct (new) bank account with multiple accounts on my Payoneer account?



  • chiappachiappa Member Posts: 2
    Solution was simple.

    Just open support chat and tell them that you want to change your funding sources from bank account (a) to new bank account (b).

    It takes from 15-30minutes for the change.

    That's it.
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    Hi there @chiappa

    The solution is indeed simple, we are glad to here it was resolved for you efficiently! :smile:

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