the minimum withdraw error?

Rijki19 Member Posts: 3
i want to inquiry about the minimum withdraw money. last time i checked it was about $50 but now when i want to transfer my money to my bank account as i need the money, the minimum withdraw become $300.

is it error or what? i really need that money.


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there, sadly it is not an error.

    Withdrawing to a USD bank account will incur that fee. But if you withdraw to a bank account set to your local currency the minimum would be $50. To do that, you just need to delete your current bank, then add a bank that can accept local currency transfers.


  • Rijki19
    Rijki19 Member Posts: 3
    i try to delete my bank account now and add it again, hope that it work
  • Rijki19
    Rijki19 Member Posts: 3
    @KazPayoneer payoneer has confirmed bank account but when i want to withdraw again it still said the minimum is about $300. how can i change it back into $50 as i only see usd and eu as the current currency.
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    @Rijki19 It seems you still only have a USD currency bank account enabled and not a bank account in local currency. Please re-add the bank account but make sure it is local currency and not USD