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How to change the minimum withdrawal in my account to 50?

lauramercy_ Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
Whats wrong with Payoneer these days?! Why do I always get issues every time I am trying to make a withdrawal?! I am a freelancer and the amount of money that I received is always less than 100 dollars and above 50 dollars. I cannot make a withdrawal if the minimum withdrawal is set on 300 dollars. I could barely even make that much money lmao! Pls help I cannot deal with Payoneer's regulation that actually has a liability in it. They should have made every account a differrent minimum withdrawal because not everyone can earn more than 300 dollars!! Pls change it back to 50 dollars. I cannot just wait another 3 years to earn 300 dollars since I am freelancer that dont always receive such huge money. I needed the money now and u guys have changed the min. to 300 which is too high for me. Yall disappointed me even with the last problem😐

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