Changing minimum withdraw-able limit

Can somebody guide from where to or how to change minimum withdraw-able limit to local bank accounts please?


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    Hello, @Mohammad_Abdullah

    The minimum limit was recently changed due to operational considerations. Normally there is no way to minimize it more. You are welcome to reach out to Customer Support in order for them to advise you whether the limit can be changed on your account.

    Will be happy to answer general questions about Payoneer service.

    For any specific inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact our Customer Care Support Center.

  • Mohammad_AbdullahMohammad_Abdullah Posts: 2Member
    Thank you @Aleksandra_Payoneer for your kind reply.

    I have checked that link, it only shows various withdrawal issues and general information about them. It does not clarifies or gives any solution to my point.

    What my point is that there should be a fixed withdrawal fee say $3 and then customer should be open to withdraw any amount according to specific requirements! If this account is not in frequent use and minimum limit is too high then whatever funds are remaining in the account are useless for the customer!
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    Thanks for your feedback on this.

    The limits are typically per-country and are set because of the costs involved to make a transfer. They are typically only increased if there was a change in fees that would have created an additional inconvenience to you. Since they are per-country we wouldn't be able to set minimum limits for each bank within the country.

    Thank you!

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