Money lost and nobody help

tkdev Member Posts: 3
Hello envato sent money about 40 days ago to my payooner account but nothing see there also i sent many email but nobody reply me .

When i logged in my account also i didnt see my bank account and i dont add it says contact with us but 7-8 month before was everything good.

But now im very sad so where my money ? Why nobody reply my emails?

Where is my money ? Where is my bank account? Who will help me ?

My account ID : 16624984


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there,

    All payments related to this post had been cancelled years ago.

    For additional help, you can send a private message, or contact our customer support.

  • tkdev
    tkdev Member Posts: 3
    I sent 10 more message nobody help me nobody answer.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Please send us a private message and provide us with the ticketing number so we can follow up

  • tkdev
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    Thank you morga i sent pm to you