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My account is Blocked & No reply from Support at all

bushrazahan Member Posts: 1
I was requested to sent a document to verify my account, unfortunately, I didn't receive the email in the right time. Then my account was "Closed for failure to provide requested information". [ Reference Number: 190506-001769 ]

Later, when I have seen the email, I sent my 'National ID card' as to verify my account. But, it's been 9days I didn't receive a single update from the support team.

I even tried to contact over live chat, but it seems the chat doesn't work anymore.
I opened tickets also, but no response over there either. [ Ref: 190624-007226 ]

What do I do then? I need to withdraw payments from Fiverr marketplace and here I'm stuck with my ID verification and it seems the support team even didn't get my email. :/

Any Help? Please?


  • aadarsha
    aadarsha Member Posts: 2
    Same problem here. Its been 6 days and I've got no response either.