Payment Pending & Online Purchase Reversal

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My customer ID is 32283012. I'm currently facing TWO issues with my payoneer account and i'll duly like it to be quickly rectified.

1) A payment was sent to me from another Payoneer account and status is pending stating 'verify my payment'. I have submitted all documents and extra information requested from me but clearly it has'nt been reviewed for a month now and it is causing problems for me to accept funds.

2) An amount of $42.42 was deducted 3 times from my account due to an attempted online purchase on FIVERR that did not go through. I will like if those amount can be credited back to my account.

Please, i will like if this issue can be quickly attended because it is currently causing a lot of inconveniences .

Thank you


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    Hi there,

    For the first issue, if the documents are why the payment is not approved, please give customer support a call or chat. If you do that and tell them that you have submitted everything, they would be able to get the payment approved during the call or chat.

    The second issue, if the transaction failed on Fiverr's end you would get the transaction back onto your card within 10 working days.


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