Make a payment is not enable

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i want k transfer some $121 from my payoneer account to another payoneer accout.My payoneer account is also connected with fiverr and But when I click on make payment then this message appears.

"Before you can make a payment, you need to receive additional payments from one or more of the options below"


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    This is correct. You would have to establish your payment activity before you would have access to this feature. If you haven't received a lot of payments you would not be able to send funds to another user yet. This feature becomes unlocked once you have received plenty of payments throughout different funding sources on Payoneer.

  • mehvishyounasmehvishyounas Posts: 4Member
    Can you tell me what is the minimum balance after that this option will be available
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    There isn't a set minimum usually. It all depends on the frequency and amounts of the payments that you receive throughout your different funding sources.

  • mehvishyounasmehvishyounas Posts: 4Member
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    How do this really work
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    @MakedaThomas Can you please clarify what you are referring to?

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    @KazPayoneer Exactly how many is "a lot of payments"?
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    Hi there - as previously alluded, there's not a specific number that I can advise. It's really just dependent on the consistency of payments, how many payments are going into the system, etc.

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