Bank Info & Missing Transfer - I really need some advice please

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I got some incorrect info from my bank which led to the some banking info listed in my Payoneer account to be off by 5 digits. I realized this after a transfer on June 21 didn't reach me and I did an investigation.

It's now July 15th and the money has not bounced back into my Payoneer Account and Payoneer has not made the changes to my bank account information on their website.

My next payment from my employer will be sent late this week or very early next week and that won't reach me either. (I have contacted my employer.) Emails to Payoneer are answered first by bots. Payoneer online chat gives me conflicting info and leaves my questions unanswered. Twice in the online chat I got down to #1 'next in the queue' and just suddenly got a blunt message that is no one is able to chat with me and to close the window.

Emails take 2-3 days to be answered, if I am lucky. I sent my bank info jpeg twice. It is only 5 digits for Payoneer to change.

I am going to soon be out 1000s of $$ and I am really starting to panic. Why doesn't someone at Payoneer give me some advice? WHAT CAN I DO? Why is it taking weeks to correct? Payoneer erased all the bank info that was in the account, plus the payer info.

I thought about just adding in the bank account info again as new but would that affect the payment that I am trying to see bounced back into my account?

If ANYONE can offer me some advice, I would be grateful. If I don't get those two payments by the end of this month I am literally financially ruined.

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    Hi there,

    We'll have someone follow up with your request to correct the bank details.

    But we would need to wait for the bank to reject the payment and return to our system. This process can take 14-20 working days to happen and it is completely out of our control.

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    Thank you for your reply and I have seen that the bank details look to be corrected and I am grateful for that. What is the '14-20' working days start point? From the date the transfer was first sent toward the bank account, or from the day the customer sounded the alarm that the transfer hadn't arrived?
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    @Deb123Y It is generally 14-20 working days from the time the bank rejected the transfer.

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    To my horror, a second, July 17th, payment is 'under review'. Payoneer had sent me an email stating it had been forwarded on to my bank account but when I checked the Payoneer website it stated that it was instead in review. I contacted Support, which took over 90 minutes, and I was told I needed to send bank documents. (I had already sent bank document screen shots twice.) So immediately after the Support call, I sent more documents -- everything I could: void check, bank statement, direct deposit form and a proof of address. But I see this morning that the transaction is still pending.

    I am so distraught. I have contacted my employer, and they say they will contact Payoneer too.

    Payoneer support had told me recently that my bank account information had been corrected in their system, but then they removed all the information again.

    Regarding my missing June 21st payment, it seems basically lost. I was told by multiple Payoneer support personnel that the payment would simply bounce back to my Payoneer account if it could not reach my bank account. It did not bounce back. First I was told the process would take 3-6 days. Later I was told the process would take up to 14 days. Then I was told later it could take 14-20 business days. It is now at the 1 month mark and today I received an email from Payoneer saying they have put a trace on the payment and it seems this new process might take another 3 weeks.

    Honestly, I am starting to feel I will never see my payments. I know the initial error was mine but I am at a loss as to why it has been impossible for Support to correct it or answer all my questions, why the story keeps changing, why the Support service is so slow to do anything, and why a money transfer company can basically lose a transaction. Changing my bank info is something that should at least been accomplished in one week. Meanwhile, I am running out of food.

    I am BEGGING someone, anyone, at Payoneer to take my new payment out of 'review' and sent it on to my bank account today. Please help me fix this. You have my driver's licence, you have my 'business info', you have my funding source, you have my void check, bank deposit, direct deposit form and proof of address.
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    Hi, glad to see the payments have been sent at this point. If you need more assistance please let me know.

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