how to contact help center via email?????

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Hi, I've submitted the documents 5 days ago, and still, my client isn't getting his payment. Can anyone help me to contact their help center, or showing me how to cancel the payment?


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    Hello, please contact the support center through one of the following options: Chat, email or phone at 1-646-658-3695. You can as well send us a private message through our social media channels on Facebook or Twitter. If it is urgent, please do it via chat or phone, or the social media channels.

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    Can you please write the e-mail where I can directly communicate with payoneer customer service.
    Thank you
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    Hi @Sashka !

    The only way to send an e-mail to Customer Support is by filling in the message form in the Support Center.

    There is no e-mail address for Customer Support, all message inquires need to be sent through the Support Center.

    For more information please check out this post:

    How to contact the Payoneer Support Center

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