How To Avoid the hidden and unmentioned $15 swift transfer fee

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Good day everyone,
I tried my first Withdrawal from my payoneer balance to my local swift bank account and an unmentioned flat fee of $15 was deducted from me from me instead of the normal 1%-10% flat fees. Please what can be done to avoid this from further occurrences.


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    Hello @juliisakpeeeee the flat fee is usually deducted once you receive a wire transfer. In order to further advise, we need to know from which currency balance you are withdrawing your funds from and the currency of the receiving bank account, and your country as well

  • juliisakpeeeeejuliisakpeeeee Member Posts: 8
    Hello, @Cristale_Payoneer thanks for your reply. I am withdrawing the cash from my USD payoneer account into Nigerian Naira NGN via my Nigerian swift local bank account
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    @juliisakpeeeee Please note that at the moment we do not offer a withdrawal to your bank account in local currency- only USD/EURO currency. The fee charged by Payoneer for making withdrawals in USD is 15.00 USD per withdrawal. Please note that corresponding banks are sometimes involved in international wire transfers.

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