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Money in USD balance not being released to use in prepaid card nor transfer -no answer by Payoneer!

na_arg Member Posts: 2
Hey, I opened an account and as soon as it was approved, sent a client a payment request. But after receiving the money, turns out my account is approved only to receive money in my Payoneer account, but not to use it myself. It's not available in the (already activated) prepaid card, nor ready to transfer to my bank account. Funny, right? How can that be possible? My account is approved enough to receive money in Payoneer's system, but not to have access to it. Sounds like a total scam.

So I've submitted all the required documents 10 days ago and nothing happened. Tried to contact Payoneer via chat, support center and admins in this forum. NO ANSWER.

Did anyone else experience this??? Does anyone know how to access any kind of support from Payoneer? Or how can I return that money to the client with no costs to make them send it to me some other way??