How to avoid annual fee if i don't use card?

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I recently knew that we can use Payoneer account without ATM card and this way we won't pay annual fee. It looks like i can't NOT use card (that's what i been told) so if this time my card get expire and i won't order a new card then i will still be able to use Payoneer account? Like withdrawing Payoneer fund to my personal bank account order stuff from aliexpress?



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    Hi there,

    This depends on the type of account that you have. If you only have a USD card, and not a USD balance, you need to renew the card to use the funds.

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    Sorry for late reply. I don't know what is USD card? Is it stands for United State Dollar card?
    I do have money in my Payoneer which I withdraw to my local bank in every month or two.
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    @sherkhanshani For your account, you would need a card to access your funds as well as to withdraw to your bank

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    So to avoid annual fee i need to create new payoneer account?
    If yes then what will happen to my old account that I was using for around 4 years?
    Can I merge this?
    Also will I be able to buy stuff from aliexpress like I do with this payoneer account?

    Thanks in advance.
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    @sherkhanshani Please be advised the card has an annual fee. If you choose to not use the card, depending on the type of account you have, you can withdraw to your local bank account. Now you you stated that you still will want to be able to buys stuff from aliexpress. You will need a card to do so.

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    Hi @sherkhanshani, to provide some further clarification, you can create a new account to merge the two accounts, but you would no longer have access to the card for regular use.

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    "depending on the type of account you have"
    How many type of accounts are their?
    I buy from aliexpress so I will stick to the card. I remembered someone says "You can't use ATM machine if you don't have card. Other than that everything is same"
    If that was the case then I think buying from aliexpress should be fine if we don't have a card account?
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    @sherkhanshani There are different type of accounts as some are registered through an affiliated company and therefore have only a card account.

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    Ohh! I massed up real good.
    2 months ago I asked this question to payoneer customer support and he replied me this

    "The annual fee is a yearly fee charged for card usage and general maintenance. The fee is charged once your card is activated and you have sufficient funds to pay the fee. This cannot be avoided, since your account is a card account.

    As for getting paid directly to your bank. I have switched your method of payment to direct bank transfer, Now all your future payments will go to your bank"

    The 2nd part of paragraph says my payoneer account is now direct deposit. I am now unable to withdraw from fiverr 😮
    Fiverr CS told me that
    " I have noticed that you have activated Direct deposit which can be used only in US and if you have that on the account you cannot use the Revenue card simultaneously. So I kindly suggest you to contact the Payoneer and ask them to remove it from your account"

    I didn't know which subject to choose from the given list of payoneer help center so I choose
    "Subject: I want to link a new funding source to my Payoneer account."
    and then I explain all.
    Hope I get reply from my message and not from the subject.
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    @sherkhanshani If you need to switch your method of payment again, please communicate directly with our support team so they can process your request

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    Super thanks for all who replied me and my problem is solved.
    My deposit goes directly from fiverr to payoneer and then direct to my local bank. So happy now

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    @sherkhanshani We are glad that this issue was resolved.

  • virtuegroupvirtuegroup Member Posts: 1
    My dollar card has expired but I don't want a new card. I have funds on it and cannot withdraw. How can I withdraw without having to order a new card which I don't want again. Honestly I don't want a new card, kindly help. Thanks
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