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Funds not received via transferwise

iffi00001 Member Posts: 1
My friend payed $700 to me via transferwise on my payoneer US bank account and it's been more than 15 days now but haven't received it yet. I have provided all the information to payoneer but they're telling me that they didn't find any payment can anyone tell me where my payment is?


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Hi @iffi00001 do you mean that the payment did not reach your Payoneer account ?

    If it is the case, you have to provide the support with the following details:

    1. A full screenshot showing the details of the payment
    2. The name of the company that sent the payment
    3. The payment amount and date
    4. The last 4 digits of the receiving account to which the payment was sent
    5. If the payment was sent to your USD receiving account, please provide us with the trace number. A valid trace number contains 15 digits and no other characters. Please note that you may need to contact the sender of the payment in order to acquire this information.