I can't find the 4-digit code in my transactions that paypal sent to verify!

malikalkirmalikalkir Posts: 2Member
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I'm trying to connect my payoneer account to my paypal account.They said that they sent me a small deposit with a 4-digit code but the code is not in transactions.How can i find it?


  • KazPayoneerKazPayoneer Posts: 1,347Confirm Email, Member, Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, usually the code will be within the name of the transaction. If you are unable to see it, it's possible that they didn't send the 4 digit code. You can send me a private message if you still need help.

  • malikalkirmalikalkir Posts: 2Member
    Hi.I can't fix my problem.In my transaction there are only transaction id, my iban and transaction history i can't find the 4-digit code that paypal sent.In forum people say that i may contact with payoneer support call and they send the code but i'm in outside country.How can i find the code.Please i need help.
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    If you are unable to find the code, please contact our support team directly or send us a private message

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