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Hello there,


I recently applied for Payoneer debit mastercard and I'm fully approved for US payment service. It's all great up to the point that Etsy platform allows direct checkout only to sellers who has US billing address of their card. 
Now that wouldn't be a problem since there is a legal means to acquire that - officially renting a US billing address. (while not even being a US resident let alone citizen)


(The whole point of me having Payoneer account/card was to have US bank account for Etsy.)


The question is - would that be within Payoneer Terms and Conditions to input US billing address of that kind (rented).

I'm operating from Ireland if that's of any difference.


I'm not sure yet if Etsy is OK with this type of bypass to enable "Direct Checkout" which is not available to non US billing address users, however, I would appreciate clarification on this from Payoneer side.


Also - is Payoneer sending any mail correspondence (actual printed stuff) to the billing address and if it is - then is there a way to have correspondence be sent to other than billing address?


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    I want to know this as well. But I think we can use our billing address for payment. Lets wait for admin to comfirm this.

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    In order to have a US billing address for your Payoneer card, you need to be a US resident (with a valid SSN). For the US Payment Service (and all US bank transfers) the address is not used. If you were to legally obtain a US billing address, and update this on your Etsy account while in no way violating their terms and conditions, you would be able to withdraw to Payoneer using the US Payment Service.


    To be clear, though, you should confirm this with Etsy to make sure that you are not violating any terms. So long as everything is legally obtained and there is no breach of T&C, it should be fine.


    Payoneer has an electronic disclosure agreement (which is agreed to when signing up for the card). Other than the prepaid debit card and documents requesting to be sent by the account holder, we do not ship any paper material to your home address.

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