Statement downloads in foreign (i.e. US) format not dd/mm/yyyy as used here in Europe

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When I download my statement as a CSV file and save in Excel, it is in US mm/dd/yyyy format
This would not be an issue if it was simply as matter of resetting the date to the correct format in Excel. It is, however, not recognised by date format in Excel. The only way I could find to fix this was to split using text to columns then concatenate. dd/mm/yyyy is used in very many countries and a US bank operating outside North America should be aware that most of the world does not use US format. We are UK based and operating in continental Europe. Anyway to get a statement in the locally correct format?


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    Hi there,

    The best way to solve this issue is to contact our customer support team. If you ask them to, they should be able to manually provide a statement that is written in the format of your country.