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My National ID card is submitted in NADRA for the change of address. I only have the copy of my national ID card. Please help me with this matter as my only source of income is through online work. I have not been able to meet both ends in my life. Kindly help, if you want I can send you the picture of token from NADRA which is a proof that my national ID card is submitted in NADRA. I need the money urgently which is pending from my fiverr account, also I will be getting around 144 dollars on 5th august which I need to withdraw urgently. Also I don't have passport or driving license. Please help me in this regard.
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    Hi there @contentcorp Thank you for reaching out to us. The reason your ID is not being accepted is because you providing us a copy of a copy, meaning it is a black and white scan. This is insufficient quality and cannot be approved. Please upload a clear color copy of both sides of your ID so we can proceed. We advise you to simply take a picture of it with your phone instead of sending us a black and white scanned version :smile:

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