MY funds from paypal on pending

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I want to be using payoneer so I sent all my funds from paypal to my payoneer account using Global Payment Service and the funds shows pending in my payoneer account but has been deducted from my paypal account. it had been 2 days and it hasnt been added to my payoneer and it shows pending in payoneer. May I know why all this is happening and why also it is happening and will it ever be process to be added to my account?


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    Hi there @HernandezFrimpong Please note that it can take up to 3 business days not including the weekend for funds to be transferred from Paypal. If you sent it over the weekend, you will need to wait additional business days. If you see that by tomorrow it still does not reflect on your Payoneer Account, send us a private message or contact our support team directly

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