Card Expired & Don't showing USD in Withdraw from window

Hello, My card expired in 6/18, and my account was disabled due to inactivity till middle of July 2019. I logged in, added my Payoneer account to Fiverr, PPH & Envato Market as payout method. I've added my local bank account to my Payoneer as well.

Today i transfer $36 to my account to from Fiverr as local bank transfer. $33 arrived in my account within 2-3 minutes. But, after that when i tried to have a try on how to withdraw to local bank. I saw there is no option for Withdraw from USD! only GBP & EUR available. I know the minimum bank transfer threshold is $50 but it suppose to take me to that option at least, isn't is?

Now if transfer another $20 to my account can i be able to transfer the total USD to my local bank in this situation?

I really really need help asap


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    Hi there @rafiqurrahman

    Thank you for reaching out to us! We can see that your card did indeed expire on 6/18. Please note that once this happens, the option to withdraw to your bank is not enabled as you need an active, non expired card to do this. Please contact our support center directly via phone, chat or email so an agent can assist you in manually ordering you a new replacement card.

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    I contract Payoneer support via phone. Support agent ask me to submit my government issued id to get access to order a new replacement card, i did so but still no response from Payoneer end. How much time does it take to usually review any ID verification?
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    @rafiqurrahman It will take a few business days not including the weekend. Our team will review what you submitted and update you via email if anything else is needed

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    please help me
    my usd card is expired and how I get payment from link USD account and remove card from there or any other option to get payment