Bank transfer not success from fiverr to bank, and payoneer did not give response 11 days going on

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At 1 aug i processed withdrawal of $160 from fiverr to my local bank account at Bangladesh , poyoneer gives me mail that they received the payment from fiverr and transfered to bank ,11 days going on but no money in my bank account , i opened ticket and even called payoneer but no progress , no answer, i am helpless here. customer services not responsive at all.


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    Hi there @erpist Thank you for reaching out to us! We can see that this was transferred to our team on Friday to reprocess the payment to your bank account. This should take a few business days, not including the weekend. We appreciate your patience in this matter and hope to get an update very soon! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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    @morga sir I have the same problem what should I do please respond
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    Hi, I've responded to you in another thread, but the answer that Morga gave can also be applicable for you. :)

    how to get money here. but I'm not good at English..
    Please help me..
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    Same problem here too
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    Hey @DAVID_REFALADO_ please send us a private message regarding your issue or you can contact our Support Center by clicking this link: Thank you.

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    Again it happening to me, At 4 sep my client processed a payment (Payment request id 3661711) to my payoneer account,
    it says 1-5 business day to complete , after 6 days gone i opened live chat for a quick response(Chat Reference Number id 190910-013860) , chat people ask for a verification and said that after giving the document then open next chat , i did with my pic and document , then opened new chat(Reference Number: 190910-014795) and refer the previous advise , this reference said they will take 3 hrs, then i bound to open a request , after 2 days got a replay from them to ask same document with zoom picture , i supplied , today 11 days going on but not added to my account , bullshit service , no synchronize service from chat people and response team. Still my condition is pending , no response , disgusting ...
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    i thought i will bring my new client to payoneer if they serve at least a meaningful delay , but i am confused, should i bring my new client again, because day by day my client increasing ...
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    @erpist I do apologize for the lack of communication. Please send us a private message, to help further discuss your case. In doing so, we can see what issue might be..

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    Read the reference and email replay to my response, nothing left to talk over and over again same topic
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    @erpist We replied to you on a separate thread

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