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I and My brother happen to work for the same company online, unfortunately, my brother could not get payed because he had lost his passport so he couldn't signup for Payonner. The company we work for advised that they could send both our payment to my Payoneer for only a limited time frame they had given us. When they sent the first payment Payoneer mailed me requesting for My ID (Which I did) and My brother's ID too (Which is not available and is the reason the payment was sent to me in the first place).
I, therefore, request Payoneer, that, if the information I provided when replying to the email is not satisfying then just reverse the funds that do not belong to me back to the source as this was recommended by the paying company.
I am yet to hear from Payoneer. Sometimes we need these funds urgently


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    Hi there @BuluIE Thank you for reaching out to us. We can see our escalations team sent you an email yesterday to assist you- please resume communication via this email for more information

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    The email sent to me is what I just described in my post above. They are asking me to provide identity proof for the name they have stated. The name belongs to my brother whose document is not available because it got lost he is still in the process of replacing/renewing. I have already submitted my own ID by replying to the email they sent.
    If at all they still require the other person Identification proof(Which is not available at the moment) and if all the information I replied does not satisfy, then you should return back the funds tot eh sender as we need them to clear academic costs urgently. The sender is willing to use an alternative means if the funds get back to them. When you hold funds at Payoneer it causes a lot of inconveniences that can never be solved.
    There is no other email I got otherwise
    Please consider this as argent.

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    Please advise this information via the email sent to you to have this resolved

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    I already did before I made my post here. I just need a quick response since this is argent. Because they might see my reply next month which I don't want to happen.
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    We understand- this matter has been escalated so it is best to resume communication via the email sent to you for immediate assistance

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    Yes, which I already did yesterday by replying more than once. And right now I have replied again.
    So how many more times should I reply??
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    The first reply I made yesterday was when I was explaining the ownership of the funds. The second when I was uploading my own ID. The third reply was when I requested the funds to be reversed back to the source.
    Because you have told me to reply today/now too. I have done that already.
    Do I need to reply multiple times really??
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    As advised, this matter was expedited with our escalation team so please resume communication with them there and you will be assisted accordingly

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    After mailing support, they replied me with a quoted message from review team as follows.

    "If the he refuses to provide the ID, the payment name will be restricted and the payment will be canceled.
    Please let me know how to move forward. They are waiting for your decision."

    I have already told them to cancel the payment as I have no problem with that. The sender is waiting to recieve back the funds so they can send to us using alternative means. Unfortunately nothing has been done. Can some one let them know how urgent this is and remind them to check on my issue.
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    Hi @BuluIE Our team received your request and are on it- you should receive an update via email by our escalation team very soon

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    As I write this there are still two pending payments in my account yet the review team claims they have reversed it back. They were 3 in total.
    And also if they have already gotten rid of the payments that caused issues, then what are they still reviewing in my account??
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    What is going on here??
    The funds were still left hanging. Not in my account and not reversed.
  • BuluIEBuluIE Posts: 15Member ✭✭
    Some body advice on this.
    Will Payoneer ever solve this issue??
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    Hi @BuluIE . I am sorry about the long wait on this. I see that you are speaking with our support team about this now, and they have sent you an update on the case today. In their last email they did advise of a time frame in which an update should be provided. Please refer to this, and if you have any other questions let us know.

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    I failed to understand why they did not take action on all transactions at once while they were taking care of the first one. Yet all came from the same sender and at the same time.
    And now for the remaining one they will wait for me to send multiple emails everywhere, post in community, make voice calls and reach via chat then they will honor my requests just like the previous ones.
    They seem to work only on pressure.
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    @BuluIE We assure you that that is not the case- they are assisting you accordingly and this was expedited to the highest priority- you will be updated via this email

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    Thanks. Everything seems to be fine now.
    Thanks to that person at Payoneer called Joyce. Whoever she/he is.

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    @BuluIE Yes Joyce is indeed wonderful :)

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    What happens if PIN trials exceed at the ATM with Payoneer card. Do I have to reset and how to change card PIN?

  • morgamorga Posts: 1,552Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If your PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, your card will be automatically locked for 24 hours. Your card will be enabled after 24 hours have passed from your last failed attempt.
    To reset the PIN, you will need to contact our support team directly

    Please note: The procedure for resetting the PIN requires that you reset it within 30 minutes of calling, so please make sure to have access to your online account at the time of calling.

  • BuluIEBuluIE Posts: 15Member ✭✭

    But I can still continue using the card on online stores during the 24hour period or everything about the card will not function?

  • morgamorga Posts: 1,552Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You should still be able to use it, just not via ATM

  • BuluIEBuluIE Posts: 15Member ✭✭

    Do you mean "Your card will be enabled after 24 hours have passed from your last failed attempt." if the first failed attempt was at 7AM and the last failed attempt was at 11AM. Does it mean it will be activated at 11AM the following day?
    And does changing the PIN bypass waiting period?

  • morgamorga Posts: 1,552Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    It will be frozen for 24 hours exactly from when it was last failed- we cannot provide exact time frames. Changing the PIN will not bypass the waiting period- you will still need to wait 24 hours

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    I am back here and I wanted to know why my payment is still pending. Verification center requests for my line of business and the whole questionnaire requires to know my website, but I don't own any website. Am a free lancer

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    @BuluIE We understand, but the website/url should be where people can find or request your services. It also appears that you submitted that today as well. We ask you to kindly wait for any updates from our payments team. You will be notified via email.

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