How long does a payment remain under review

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Please help me with the question. I received a payment 6hours ago, when I check on my credit card, it has not reflected. It indicates pending, under review!

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    @Moseti Unfortunately we still could not approve the address you submitted.
    We need your personal residential address (must be a residential and not a business/university or school/hospital/"care of" address) in the following format, including all numbers:

    • Address line 1 (limited to 30 characters):
    • Address line 2 (limited to 30 characters):
    • City/State:
    • Country:
    • Zip/Postal Code:

    Please use landmarks, general locations or any other descriptive information in order to best describe your home address including street/house/apt numbers.


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    Hi there @Moseti We communicated with our support team regarding the status of your payment. Please note that the ID copy you submitted is insufficient and so we need a better quality copy of your ID. Furthermore we need a complete residential address to proceed.
    Log in to your Payoneer online My Account
    Click "Settings" and choose "Verified Information" from the dropdown menu
    Open the relevant requirement to find a secure upload window
    Upload the required document
    Click "Submit"

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    I have submitted the ID and location, I am waiting. Thank you for your assistance. I will get back to you when the process becomes successful to give my kind regards
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    I submitted a clear scanned ID but it was not accepted, and I have again submitted the photo of my ID whole I am holding it but I haven't received the feedback yet. My cash is still pending. I appreciate your continual guidance
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    @Moseti We can see you are providing us with the same copy of the ID that was not approved because it is unclear or too zoomed out
    Please take a clear picture of it with your phone and send our team a clear copy of your ID

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    If possible let them enable my account to upload ID Copy, it has taken long before the issue is resolved. I tried to upload an Image I took of the ID but there was an unexpected 'error' which could not allow me to upload
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    I am very grateful for your guidance. I have uploaded clear image of both sides of my ID and provided my private address, I'll appreciate if the team confirm with me that I have provided the required details. Thank you.
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    @Moseti We communicated with our team to review the information you submitted. The ID was approved. However the address is still insufficient because you are providing us with a PO Box address which is not a home address.

    However, in order to continue processing your application, we will need you to provide your home location. You can use any defining landmarks, nearby locations or any other descriptive information as to where you live.

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    I already have the card, it was sent to me last year, why would they ship to be and I haven't requested it yet! Thank you.
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    Thank you. I have updated my residential address following your guidance.
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    I hope I have provided the correct details. Thank you.
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    I have not received the update of the address details I submitted. Look forward to hearing from them.
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    Thank you. You are the best. Am grateful. Good day
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    no problem ! Have a good one!

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    Hello there, i had a chat with you support and requested account number change and he said that he redirected my request to accounting and it will take 3-5 business days. Today is the 6th day and yet no response. Can you please check the status of the reference number 191113-006999
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    @Igor87 Thank you for raising this with us. We expedited this with our team so it will be treated with the highest priority. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter and hope to get an update soon. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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