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The ATM didn't dispense the cash and Payoneer hasn't returned my money back for 45 days!

oraclemaster Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
I've withdrawn $2000 money from an ATM machine which belongs to (TEB - Turkish Economy Bank Location: ISTANBUL, TR, Merchant: KARTAL TOPSELVI Authorization Code: 347290407 Time:10-JUL-2019 20:13 GMT+3) via my Pioneer card.
But, although the ATM didn't dispense cash the amount ($2000 + $39.15(Payoneer fee) = $2039.15) due to the chip problem on the ATM machine, this money was reduced from my Payoneer account.

And Payoneer started a dispute on behalf of me on 22/07/2019.
My indicent number is : 190718-007661

But, I've been waiting for 45 days still this problematic withdraw is waiting as "Pending"!
My money has been locked for 45 days!
What a shame!

And I encountered some people who live in Turkey who have the same problem on the same date (10-11 July 2019), same error(ATM chip error I've also sent this error screenshot to Payoneer), same bank's ATM machines(Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) - ).
This indicates this is a common "chip" problem and can be solved easily since Payoneer knows the reason of this error.
But, it's been a very long time and Payoneer must take action to solve this problem ASAP!!! And solve our problem immediately!


  • ertacy
    ertacy Member Posts: 9
    I had the same problem on the similar date (11 July 2019). Dispute process started but it's been long time and problem not solved. My money has been locked for almost two months.
  • Crazymedia
    Crazymedia Member Posts: 3
    Right and I agree
  • ertacy
    ertacy Member Posts: 9
    @KazPayoneer @EdwinPayoneer @morga Could you help us please?
  • ertacy
    ertacy Member Posts: 9
    @KazPayoneer @EdwinPayoneer @morga Could you help us please?
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,302

    @ertacy We replied to you on a separate thread :)

  • Crazymedia
    Crazymedia Member Posts: 3
    the problem continues...
  • codestarofficial
    codestarofficial Member Posts: 2
    Guys @morga @KazPayoneer @EdwinPayoneer it is obvious that is a common error in those dates.

    Because the reason is the same(ATM chip error), the country is the same(Turkey), the ATMs of the same bank(TEB - Turkish Economy Bank), and the same date(10-11 July 2019).

    So you should solve this problem quickly.
    You don't need to wait 90 days.

    Please solve this problem as soon as possible. We don't want to wait anymore!!!