Receiving USD - NO UPDATES? Why?

I have an account with GBP and EURO. I applied for receiving USD to my account in July. I have submitted the required documents to your company on August 28th because I wasn't notified to submit these documents in the first place. Until now, I still have yet to receive any updates if my documents pass the requirements or not? Contacted the Live Chat, the customer service wasn't helpful at all, rejected to help me and made an excuse saying TECHNICAL ISSUE and tell me to try OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Wrote to the official Payoneer facebook page. NOTHING HELPED!

Is Payoneer a reliable platform for receiving online earning? Read over the whole forum, there are so many Payoneer users had difficulty receiving their earning? I am really in need of withdrawing USD to my Payoneer account. I have been waiting for OVER 1 month!


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    Hi there @suyuchi0 We are sorry to hear of your frustration. We see that your account was already approved on 8/01. Please note that account verification only happens once you begin receiving payments, not before. In the meantime, your account is already approved and is ready to become active in receiving payments.

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