Address verification can't be done!!

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For some reason, your account approval department keeps declining my proof of residence, I sent everything they asked, the last time I sent my ID photo with my name on it and the exact same address I've provider but they declined and sent me an email saying that they need "my ID photo with my name on it and the exact same address" ‾\_(ツ)_/‾, it's been 14 days now and my account still on review which is VERY annoying.


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    Hi there @ahmedmkamal Thank you for reaching out to us! We are sorry to hear that you have been waiting for account approval for this long. After taking a closer look at your account, we can see that our team advised you yesterday that we still require a valid proof of residence. In the email sent, it also advises exactly what are the requirements of a proof of residence we can accept

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    Yes, that happened, which I've mentioned in my question already, my question is, I've sent (twice) my ID photo with my name on it and the exact same address as in my account and they declined it, so why did they decline?!
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    I think it'll be much easier if there's a way to connect to your team directly or at least you can tell me why exactly they declined my request, maybe I'm doing something wrong, idk!!
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    @ahmedmkamal We do apologize for the delay in response. Please keep in mind any documents submitted can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days for it to be reviewed. If you have further questions please sent us a private message. Thank you .

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    @GianmarcoPayoneer sorry!!, did you understand my question? it's been 18 days now and I'm still waiting, guys, you're disappointing me with your replies :/
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    Finally, my account approved (this the same ID photo :D ) thanks anyway.
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    Awesome to hear @ahmedmkamal

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    I meant to say "with* the same ID", anyways I have another question (sorry for being annoying) if I have multiple bank accounts connected to my Payoneer account, how to tell which one is which? like showing the account number before I process to withdraw, for now when I click account details I can see my name and bank country but I can't tell which account number is this!!
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    You should be able to see the last 4 digits of the bank account if you go into the "bank accounts" page.

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    ugh, I didn't notice that the number after X-0000 is the last four digits of my bank account number, sorry.
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    No worries @ahmedmkamal

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    My issue was resolved.
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