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Payment got declined

I requested payment on 29th August 2019. The person who was supposed to pay me sent the payment via his local bank account a few minutes later. The payment status read that it would take 1-5 businesses days for the payment to be processed.

However, on 1st September, I was asked to verify some more information in order to get my payment processed which I did. I have provided the front and back picture of my national ID card. The name on my ID card mismatched from the name of Payoneer account for which I also submitted the application stating the reason for the mismatch. In the verification centre history tab, I found that my document status says "Submitted" but the verification centre still has a requirement reading "The following supplier payment(s) are waiting. We need a few more details and then your payment(s) will be on their way!" There's no way to respond to this message and there are no other requirements listed.

On Monday 2nd September I had a talk with Payoneer agent through live chat. He told me that my payment will be released in 2 business days, after 3 business days my payment status still says "Payment being processed".

This time again on 4th September I had a live chat with an agent Zelle. This time I was told that my funds will be released in a few minutes or up to an hour. Today is Monday 9th September 2019 I opened my account and my payment status read "Payment Declined" with no live chat option available I emailed Payoneer about the whole situation and I am getting the reply that "That following payment could not be processed because we required additional information that was not provided in time" whereas this whole time whenever I contacted Payoneer I was told that my account is fully verified. I have also attached the screenshots for your reference.

Can you please help me and guide me with the process through which I can receive my payment?


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there, I believe our team on social media has spoken to you about this issue and has guided you accordingly. If you have further questions please be sure to post them.


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