Immediate load not immediate anymore ?

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Hi All,

This times immediate load take more and more time for transactions for me. Before, it was around 15 to 30 minutes and last weeks it take more than 1 hour and today it's now over 2 hours. But at their side they take the immediate load fee ..

Someone else have same issues this last weeks. I use payoneer last 6 years and i'm curious why sudently it take so long... payoneer teams are too busy ??




  • morgamorga Posts: 748Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there @herizo We are sorry to hear of your frustration. Please note that the immediate loading fee is up to 2 hours, not less. If your payment was pending longer than that, it could have very much likely been the rare technical issue that we experienced last week with Upwork payments.

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