Sign Up via Upwork

YarixYarix Posts: 1Member

I have some questions:

1. IF I do a registration to Payoneer via Upwork (add method), will be available function - payment request?

2. Where I can view actual fees (2019) ? (it is differ from usual fees). I need to make sure that fees on that link definitely will work in my case after registration, without surprise.

I ask the issue to upwork support, but they don't know and turn me to Payoneer support.

3. Sign up via upwork, It create Payoneer account, or Payoneer card only ? or both (as in usual reg)?

4. In usual registration method you pay 30$ for account service, and you can (for free) order Euro card. If I sign up via Upwork, I pay 3$/per moth, it is fee for one card or account? i.e if I order extra Euro card I will pay 72$/year for 2 cards? or not?

5. How fees for ATM withdraw outside US, (not a dollar) ? 2,5$ or 3,15$ (Payoneer)? + 3,5% (Master card/crossboder).

6. Crossboder and mastercard fees are not sum, there are only one?

7. Do fees depend on ip-country (via Upwork sign up) ?

I hope on professional and understandable answers, thanks a lot!
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