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EtishamEtisham Posts: 9Member

I withdraw amount to Bank account (UBL Pakistan) on 11 September 2019 Wednesday, but i can't receive payment till now. (Now , 5 days passed , i can't receive payment)
Please solve my issue as soon as possible,
i'm very thankful for this


  • nouman55nouman55 Posts: 10Member ✭✭
    Same happens to me I withdraw funds on Sep 6 but still I didn't received in my bank account
  • EtishamEtisham Posts: 9Member

    Ooh so sad

    you complaint about this, what they response they give you ?
  • nouman55nouman55 Posts: 10Member ✭✭
    i contacted them on live chat twice they said the same thing that we will send your case to relevant depart and inform you via email in 3 business days....... but nothing
  • nouman55nouman55 Posts: 10Member ✭✭
    what about your payment did you got it?
  • EtishamEtisham Posts: 9Member
    No, I can't receive payment till now?
  • EtishamEtisham Posts: 9Member
    What you do further to get payment?
  • morgamorga Posts: 1,118Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Etisham and @nouman55 We replied to you on a separate thread- please follow up with us there if needed

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