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Someone wanted to deposit me a check in the Bank of America Account provided to me in my Payoneer app. The personnel in the bank did not find such account. If this is a virtual account and if someone wants to deposit a check in the United States to reach my Payoneer account, where can I get such account number and information needed?

Thank you.


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    Hi there,

    Someone would not be able to deposit a check into the bank accounts that we provide. You would have to have a payment sent to you via ACH transfer, which is a local transfer made from someone in the US.

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    Thank you for reply. How would they do it? Do they have to log into their online banking? Or can they physically go to a bank and ask the bank to perform that ?
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    @sayedsgroup Where is the payer located?

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    Virginia, USA.
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    Thanks. It's a good question but it really depends on his bank's process. Some banks will allow you to send an ACH transfer via their online banking portal. If they don't know how to go about sending an ACH transfer it would probably be best to go into a branch and ask them for further guidance. It will depend on the preference of the sender and their bank's capabilities.

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    Got it. Thank you very much for explaining.
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